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There is a house OF under the ground


Recycle parts from demolished houses
Toride, JP

wah document was set up in the exhibition,"Walk way" presented by Tadashi Kawamata at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. We collected a lot of ideas from visitors there. The idea "There is a house OF the underground” provided by an elementary school student was chosen by persons concerned. In accordance with the idea, we achieved it: we built a house and buried it in the ground with participators after the exhibition. This project was performed over a yearlong period until the house was dug up.

wah documentは東京都現代美術館で行われた“川俣正「通路」展”内にブースをかまえ、そこでプロジェクトのアイディア を募り、来場者や関係者とのディベートを通して「地面の中の家がある」を選出した。そのアイディアに沿って、私たちは地面の中に家を建て、その家を埋めるというアイディアを参加者と共に実現した。このプロジェクトは、アイディアの実現後から家を掘りかえすまで約1年続けられた。