The Sustained Street, 2017

Bronze, 42 x 51 cm

This town had suffered a loss due to fire about 200 years ago and large-scale land rearrangement was implemented after that (Reference: The town has currently been addressing a renovation project and also the strengthening of culture to rebuild the community infrastructure. Because of that, at main pedestrian walkways, pavements are been renewing.
After I saw the old pavements that seemed to be still in an enable state, I regretted that old things and all vestiges of past mechanically would be removed without any exception while the town would be renewed. This was because the situation where landscape was uniformly changed combined with the tragedy. Then I thought we should find meaning to underline the need to keep status quo in order to take account of past, in the same manner as making the town comfortable.
Then I tried to give my sculpture a practical utility that it would be a monument symbolized everydayness and also be used as a part of new pavement. So I emphasized the meaning that vestige continue to stay on-site just as an exception. This work will remain at the same place after the reconstruction in 2018.


そこにある道路, 2017


ブロンズ, 42 x 51 cm






Art project in public space in Tuttlingen: Square Dance
June 24 - July 31, 2017


Artists: Laura Becker, Valentino Biagio, Shirley Cho, Theresa Dorn, Jochen Damian Fischer, Maren Frey, Markus Gehrig, Lis Klein, Hyunjeong Ko, Christoph Kuttner, Gaku Nakano, Caroline d’Orville, Jonas Maria Ried, Carmen Weber, Damaris Wurster, Hannah Zenger




left: a city map of Tuttlingen 1803, right: part of a redevelopment district plan (the red circle shows the location of the market place, also the green point on the left map)





Market place, Feb. 6, 2017






After installation of my bronze piece on the Market place, Jun. 19, 2017







proposal in German















© Maren Frey




25.6.2017. schwäbische - Nur die Sonne spielt nicht mit
20.6.2017. schwäbische - Tuttlinger Innenstadt wird zur Galerie
9.6.2017. schwäbische - Die Quadratur der Stadt wird aufgebrochen