Study of the Wurst, 2013

155 x 50 x 50 cm, packing tape, cloth
Installation and video 4'59"

If we trace the history of sport, it is believed that acts of them have roots in accidents, ceremonies or festivals based on localism. Then I imagined that seeds of sport might have been still in our culture or history, and got interested in sporty activities which might have been born. Since the birth of sports have been closely related to our own culture, I thought that characteristics like stereotyped images also have had enough potential for generating sport. In Germany, I took a look at Wurst (sausage) as a national icon, and explored the seeds for creating new one. As first I made an object in the shaped of it to see if it could provide an initial spark for play. Subsequently, I tested possibilities of the object by simple actions e.g. throwing, plucking, kicking or beating. After that we continued to develop the potential of sausage and created some playings: “Walking Wurst” - one just walks while putting a sausage on one's head, “Wurst Kicker” - one plays table football with sausage and also “Fang die Wurst for Windows” - a computer game set in Oktoberfest.


ソーセージの研究, 2013


150 x 50 x 50 cm, テープ, 布
インスタレーション, 映像4分59秒


私は初めにソーセージの形をしたオブジェを制作し、単純な遊び(投げ合う・引き合う・叩き合うなど)を実験した。さらに、テーブルサッカーでソーセージを転がす《Wurst Kicker》、 頭にソーセージを乗せて歩く《Waking Wurst》、オクトーバーフェストやフォルクスフェスト(ドイツ各都市のビール祭り)を舞台にしたコンピューターゲーム《ソーセージをつかめ!for Windows》を制作した。










First  First  First












Walking Wurst




Wurst Kicker




Fang Die Wurst for Windows, computer game