Shopping Cart (gymnastics), 2017

105 x 115 x 55 cm (Model: Wanzl Serie DRC)
birch multiplex wood, stainless steel, iron, wheel, rigid plastic, cowhide
installation and video 11'13"

I considered possibility that my own playing by use of a shopping cart in supermarket would develop into a competitive sport. And as the apparatuses of sport have been getting beauty of function while evolving, I remade it into like one of gymnastics from a sculptural point of view to see the diversity of exercise restricted by it. Then I had three performers - ballet dancer, boulderer, gymnast - embody their discovery of the apparatus.


ショッピングカート(体操), 2017


105 x 115 x 55 cm (モデル: Wanzl Serie DRC)
カバ複合板, ステンレス, 鉄, 車輪, 硬質プラスティック, 牛皮
インスタレーション, 映像11分13秒



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video 11'13"