Play Jam / Microballs (Microwave), 2016

One and a half hour performance
collaboration with Viviana Gulli

I had focused on small play accidentally occurred in daily life. It is because I could just enjoy the very moment or interaction when looking for play with someone even if the purpose of it is not recognized. Also I was interested in what such moment helped us communicate with environment around us.
Then we took a look at the qualitative change of communacation appeared as rules of play, and subsequently did a performance where we continued to make play improvisatorially by use of objects familiar to us.


プレイジャム/ミクロのボール(もしくは電子レンジ), 2016


Viviana Gulliとの共同パフォーマンス







Aug.16.2016 at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart