Play Jam / Microballs (Microwave), 2016

One and a half hour performance
collaboration with Viviana Gulli

I focused on small play accidentally occurred in daily life. What I thereby find interesting is that we can enjoy interaction itself even if the purpose of the play is not recognized. Such play might consist to communicate with things or environment like child play. And the same is true in my case, I have actually felt that we show signs of interesting moments each other while looking for new play with someone.
Then we gave an eye to qualitative change of communacation appeared as rules of play, and subsequently did a performance where we continued to make play improvisatorially by use of objects familiar to us.


プレイジャム/ミクロのボール(もしくは電子レンジ), 2016


Viviana Gulliとの共同パフォーマンス



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Aug.16.2016 at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart





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