Picnic, 2016

video 05'29" and performance
collaboration with Natalia Merlano Gómez


I gave my attention to small play which suddenly starts in daily life. One thing I found interesting about such play was that we can also enjoy the very idea of searching its purpose in the situation in which we cannot identify it. So it can be said that the means to do play here might be also intent, and therefore I thought the essential fun of improvisatory play always lies in its development process.
Then I conserved that I develop play, which happened to me in the past, with my friend who is a singer. In this play, we gave specified sounds to each different foods and extemporarily altered combinations of them to make music. I recored the process where we groped for developing the play and exhibited the video at an exhibition. Also we presented this attempt as a performance.


ピクニック, 2016



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