Off limits vacancy , 2018

each 46 x 62 mm

Mexico City


Movable stands of overcrowding are often seen on the streets of Mexico City. Most of them are built by use of standardized, latticed metal frames, and it seems that their standard gives order to the chaotic business environment. On the other hand, when an aggregate which consists of such structures is adjacent to another one following a different standard and they do not have an affinity for each other, interspatial, authentic chaos may occur consequently.

That is also a blank space where only irregular things generated by standardization freely can access to and occupy. The ‘non-standards’ embody the nonrecurrent, inevitable harmony of architectural structures and locality, and give me full recognition that I should not get involved with the reasonable certainty of the harmony.



立ち入り禁止の隙間, 2018


各 46 x 62 mm