My Wife Flying Away, 2014

W730 x H550 x D440 cm
wood, cloth, metal, stone, rope, winch
installation and video “My wife flying away” 10'53", “My wife who does not fly” 23'21"


In order to create an activity to bild relationship of trust for lovers, I discussed with my girl friend about a new sport. Then an idea came to us - I fly my girl friend by use of a catapult and catch her. As a first step towards developing the idea, we moreover argued on most enjoyable ways to perform that. Eventually, we decided to realize the idea after seeing whether I could catch a test doll of the same weight and tall as my girl friend or experimenting with different approaches to expand the concept of the idea. Although we faced with the necessity of conducting an overall review of the idea after that, we achieved a result that I could present the intent of my research about development of sports. At an exhibition, I exhibited not only the objects I used (the catapult, the doll, an uniform etc.) but also its documentary videos including of the discussion process with her. Because I wanted to show the value of accidental happenings, that occurred in the development process, and how absolute necessity of the activity arose.


空飛ぶワイフ, 2014



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