Arms that disarm, 2018

22 x 14 x 1 cm, cloth

model: M1911


In trying to relate history of conflicts with the development of Lucha Libre in Mexico, I took notice of the armed left wing group Zapatista (EZLM), that criticizes racial discrimination and aims for obtaining social rights of rural indigenous people. It was because their armament seemed like the masks which serve theatricality in Lucha Libre. Although they are not disarmed because of following a manifesto of their former compatriots, today, it is just an expressive threat for each other. In a sense, the state being balanced by theatricality can be also said to be a condition where both of them are disarmed by the mask of armament. This consideration provided me the work title and inspiration to these masks.


非武装化させる武器, 2018


22 x 14 x 1 cm, 布
モデル: M1911



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