Musical Chairs, 2018

video 7'48"
Mexico City


Professional wrestling can be regarded as an entertainment rather than as a sport due to the open secret that the match is theatrically performed. It also could refer to the act that wrestlers safely perform the violence while cooperating with each other. As a result of that, it can be seen that the theatrical violence is a productive act from a point of view of giving a priority to showmanship based on the relationship of trust among wrestlers. On the other hand, the violation of the open secret, which is essential to make the matches more exited, would not occur without their relationship that is specially built in such a way.

For me, the violence act in/at the matches looked as if it absorbs or sublimes unmoral acts by embodying them as a necessary evil. It was because the background, in which it had developed into a pop culture phenomenon, overlapped with the Mexican revolution or intensification of armed conflicts during the year 1960-80, I found a relation between Mexican social situation and people who were fanatical about it. Then I focused on changing how they face with the theatrical violence, and developed that into an appropriate activity for this era.


椅子取りゲーム, 2018













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60 x 42 cm, print on paper





video 7'48'':










Chair as a Foreign Object:


"Foreign Object is a weapon that is not allowed to be used in the match. Usually found under the ring or ringside, in a wrestler's tights, or handed to wrestlers by managers, interfering wrestlers or (less commonly) audience members. If a foreign object is used behind the referee's back, it usually leads to a pinfall. However, the same object is typically less effective in a match where it is legal. [...]"(quoted from Glossary of professional wrestling terms on Wikipedia)



A Foreign Object, 2018, 43 x 97 cm, metal folding chair


Chairs are one of classic Foreign Objects to be often seen. On the surface of the folding chair, a Spanish sentence “Slla disfrazado como catalizado (disguised Chair as catalyst)” is marked by welding, and that refers to a perception of weapon which is not used to injure someone with itself.