Musical Chairs, 2018

video 7'48"
Mexico City


Professional wrestling can be regarded as an entertainment rather than as a sport due to the open secret that the match is theatrically performed. It also could refer to the act that wrestlers safely perform the violence while cooperating with each other. As a result of that, it can been seen that the theatrical violence is a productive act from a point of view of giving a priority to showmanship based on the relationship of trust among wrestlers. On the other hand, the violation of the open secret, which is essential to make the matches more exited, would not occur without their relationship that is specially built in such a way.

For me, the violence act in/at the matches looks as if it absorbs or sublimes unmoral acts by embodying them as a necessary evil. In Mexico, where Mexican professional wrestling Lucha Libre has developed into a pop culture phenomenon, I became interested in the social background which pressed people to want the necessary evil, and considered changing role of Lucha Libre being in accordance with environmental changes.


椅子取りゲーム, 2018






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Musical Chairs, video 7'48''




60 x 42 cm, print on paper





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