Live Recording, 2017

performance with Viviana Gulli
video 13'32"


This attempt was made as a part of a film festival “Stuttgarter Filmwinter” which has been held every year for over twenty years. Based on a motto of the festival, 'The Courage to Lie', we referred to the relation between a performance as a real lie and its document as an imitative reality.
In this performance, viewers were filmed and seeing the state, in which all behaviors of them were recorded, through a monitor in real time. At that time, we constantly made approaches to the filmed image like while indirectly touching them on the monitor, moving the camera or monitor, or checking the dimension of the camera’s frame. And we thereby tried to blur the line between the positions of performer and viewer. In that way, we emphasized the fact that our acts were influenced and controlled by filming, and showed that normally unfilmed events itself outside of the camera frame would be the value of performance dealing with phenomenal acts.



ライブレコーディング, 2017


Viviana Gullとの共同パフォーマンス


このパフォーマンスはStuttgarter Filmwinterという二十年以上に渡って開催されてきた映像際の一環で行われた。私たちは映像際のモットー「嘘への勇気」に基づき、パフォーマンスとその記録映像の関係に言及した。





Live recording, document video 13'32''



















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