Monumental landmark, 2011

91 x 173 x 48 cm
cray, wood, paint
performance and installation
cooperation: Keita Ueda


Because of the east Japan earthquake in 2011, it was observed that the tip of Tokyo Tower was curved even though Tokyo was located far away from the epicenter. Then the tower looked as if a monument of the earthquake suddenly appeared, and I got a feeling that I wanted to bring the situation where the landmark could be also a monument in the metropolis into form. So I made a monument of the monument while observing from a variety of angles in order to maintain the temporal situation before the restoration of the tip.


ランドマーク, 2011


91 x 173 x 48 cm
粘土, 木, アクリル絵の具
パフォーマンス, インスタレーション
協力: 上田啓太






91 x 173 x 48 cm, cray, wood, acrylic





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