Code Combat, 2017

collaboration with Cris Bačić


During sports, despite the existence of rules or sportsmanship, conflict is not always regulated. Only because of serious fights, it can escalate to violence. Basically, although the ethos of sportsmanship is glamorizing human fights while aiming for enjoyment, we have to tolerate that there are risks unwished fights will bring. However as symbolized by combat sports, these are clearly of a different act from brutal conflict such as street fights; one can enjoy fighting with peace of mind in sports because sports should be theoretically performed based on rules. On the other hand, in street fights, rules are not needed in principle, but they would be always expected to obey morals as a human. Eventually, these two different fights are distinguished whether or not it is matter of affection (respect) toward others. If we did not recognize that, we would not be able to gaze at fights because they can just seem violent. Sportsmanship is, so to say, an uncertain promise that encourages us to follow rules and morals and which put athletes and audiences at ease, so that they can enjoy without distraction. Here it should be emphasized that sports assume not only sportsmanship but also, first of all, an already built relationship of trust.


What I find interesting is that the relationship of trust is complemented not only with sportsmanship, because it is not anything that guarantees not to be betrayed, and therefore trust is being built up during games after all. Then one can easily imagine that the stronger and directer that could work, when the more violence and dangerous the sporting act is. This is because we could equally share great risks of betrayal through that. Then I found martial sports clearly show the reason why we generally want to compete with each other, and took a great deal of interest in developing the meaning of martial sports in society. Then I tried to achieve a fighting act which dealt with swing of spiritual distance between players; performed no-hand-boxing. Through this act, we wanted to see whether an activity or a sport, that everybody could understand without rules or with code (unspoken understanding), comes into existence in the sence of the essential communication, whether that could embody the core of sportsmanship.



コデックスコンバット, 2017


 ある時私は彼がボクサーであったことを知り、ボクシングに基づいて彼と信頼関係を築くことを思いついた。私はそのための活動を「C(K)odex Combat (=社会における語られない振る舞いの規則に基づいた闘い)」と名付け、手を拘束した状態で行うボクシングとして発展させた。そして、スポーツマンシップが象徴する公平さを保つ感覚だけをルールとして、勝敗の有無や決定方法をあらかじめ明らかにすることなく行った。

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31 x 45 cm, acrylic color on paper





45 x 45 x 15 cm, boxing glove, rope. 2017