Keeping calm, 2015



In Stuttgart, a railway development project (Stuttgart 21) has been going on for over twenty years, started again in 2010 and it is scheduled to be slated for completion in 2022.

As a part of it, the main station has been renewing and I had passed in front of its construction site almost every day for two years. Meanwhile I became interested in the very thing of the view there, and then decided to go along with the protest against the development project.

At a certain time, I noticed that all efforts of the resistants came to nothing by the accelerated construction, and determined to engage in the movement against the project. Therefore I first tried to make a monument of the construction site, so that it could remind them of history of that some day. After that, I had looked for the way to maintain traces of their resistance which would certainly disappear from sight.


落ち着きを保つ, 2015




ドイツの町シュテュットガルドでは、現在新しい中央駅の建設ならびに線路の開発(Stuttgart 21)が進められている。このプロジェクトは着工から20年以上経った今なお続いており、多くの反対によって一時中断していた工事は2010年に再開し、2022年頃に完成が予定されている。  

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