Cross Football, 2013

Stopmotion film 10'36"
demonstrastion with FC Gongduri.


Sports can come into effect by wins and losses and the way to enjoy them must have been being always determined while players of them give first priority to gain enjoyment with their body. If sporting activities had been just intended to activities that attract viewers from the start point, they might not be abel to exist as sports. Therefore, the development process of e.g. figure skating, synchronized swimming or gymnastics was mysterious and rather interesting for me because attracting viewers in these sports is apparently held to be more important than the original purpose of sports. Then I focused attention on expressivity and painterliness of sports like visual compositions of players, courts or tools. Subsequently, I created a stop motion film of “Cross Football” based on the rule of soccer, researched the development where visual factors are given priority and performed it with a soccer team in practice.


クロスフットボール, 20013






stopmotion film 10'36''



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