Code Combat, 2017

collaboration with Cris Bačić


I evolved boxing with a friend of mine who had occupied himself with boxing for a long time. He has had a problem with the interpersonal relation due to a trauma, and sometimes could not help but reflexively punching someone who suddenly touched him. After he took me into his confidence, I got a feeling of wanting to overcome our risk of communication and getting close to him.
This attempt was not based on defined rules, but was made as a physical dialogue to reduce that. At the performance, I expected that the meaning of this performance might be represented by our fighting-code (unspoken rules) which came up through that. The restriction by ambiguity of the code was assumed in our relationship of trust to avoid having to take the risk of his panic while intentionally running the same one.



コードコンバット, 2017


協力:Cris Bačić




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31 x 45 cm, acrylic color on paper





45 x 45 x 15 cm, boxing glove, rope. 2017