Bubb-Re car, 2011


Nissan Cedric, resin
170 x 480 x 160 cm


I had always been interested in repeated and physical work during making artworks. It was because I had found some sort of addictiveness in it, namely, the tougher the physical work was, the bigger I was be able to take pleasure. Thus I wanted to share the contradiction. That is, my main interest lay not only in the result of work but also in the working process toward it. Then focused on another role of work for me and tried to treat the process and the work product the same.
For that I created this work with the goal of the following work to seek after addictiveness in the working process: after I made plaster molds of the body and inside of a car, I cut the all parts of the car into litte pieces and reproduced the original form of it by use of the molds. Through the work, I presented the conflict between means and end.


バブリーカー, 2011


日産セドリック, 樹脂
170 x 480 x 160 cm



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Somehow the mosaic looks nice, Kodama gallery, Kyoto. 2015





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