Borderlines will be set up for us not to be disappointed, 2018

Video 4'43''
New York City

According to the NYC Administrative Code, every owner, lessee or occupant of buildings is under an obligation to manage the sidewalks in front of them to the roadway. In case it was found that the sidewalk which is adjacent to his properties was not cleaned, he will be fined.
And they have not only to keep clean but also always to watch the area because trash is artificially carried, comes and goes on the sidewalks by someone who avoids the responsibility of that.
After the streets were snowed, the ambiguous borderlines among the managed zones can clearly been seen, and their attitude of responsibility will be represented as well. At that time, I left the invisible borderlines, which had possessed a virtue of trusting in another person, as a wall.



失望しないための境界線, 2018