Berliners' Dog Poop Golf, 2015

Golf club grip, plastic potty, skate board, bird feed, cleaning tool, shovel, silicon, bucket, wheat flour
installation and video 9'13"


When I stayed in Berlin, I saw dog poops that were not cleaned up everywhere on the streets. This was just so disagreeable for me that I got an idea of making an activity for dog walkers to improve that situation.
First I tried to build a dog-poop-map to see how and where dog poops remained. Then I focused on golf and put these into practice; that was, to hit dog poops to next ones by using various cleaning tools shaped like a golf club, and to repeat this until a goal. In an area where there is a lot of dog poops, one can quickly connect them with other ones. If that was not the case, the difficulty of connecting them each other would be higher because one has to bring them long distance. Based on the dog-poop-map, I practiced in different places to see, for instance, how much time it took to connect them each other five times or how many poops I could connect within an hour, and thereby improved appropriate tools for certain situations.
Through that, I aimed at making a new endemic sport which could make local people recognize the necessity of continuing to voluntarily face the problem with dog poops.



ベルリン犬糞ゴルフ, 2015


ゴルフクラブ, おまる, スケートボード, 鳥の餌, 掃除道具, シャベル, シリコン, バケツ, 小麦粉
インスタレーション, 映像9分13秒



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Dog Dirt Map: the research for determining the difficulty of this activity depending on the amount of poops, yellow area - beginner's area, green area - middle level, moss green area - high-poo-area, blue area - easy, red area - street for the experienced