Jichin-Ground Breaking, 2016

W350 x H80 x D135 cm, Wood, soil, cloth, sponge
installation and performance
Rottenburg, Wendelsheim


The project "Bauerwartungsland (a planned construction site)" was organized by an artist Sabine Fessler on her family's undeveloped plot of land formerly used as a grain field. Before she organized this project, she and her family had been facing with decisions of e.g. whether to sell out the land, to farm there or to utilize it for the purpose of cultural events in accordance with ordinances of the area. Then she tried to present possibility of the land through her own project and their works there by freeing it as an uncovered atelier before that.

In the face of the situation where I just had a feeling that something would occur there, I recalled Japanese ground breaking ceremony “Jichin-sai” which is normally held at building sites before the construction of houses. Also the ceremony is performed to wish a good harvest for our future at fields or shrines. The reason why I thought of the ceremony lied in her situation, namely, she and the land were already lining up for a start where it was expected that changes would be certain to come to her, local residents and the artists joining the project regardless of her decision. Therefore I found meaning in just wishing our fruitful future and celebrating unborn happenings of the land, and wanted to perform German version of "Jichin-sai" here. For that, I considered the way how we cover the difference in our mentality and culture, and subsequently decided to perform a procession like of Christian to share the understanding about the ceremony itself with local residents.What I also wanted to see, was whether the meaning of the ceremony could get across to all people regardless of thier religion, culture or birthplace. In procession, we carried soil referred as to “Mutter Erde (mother earth)”, which could mean elemental nature worship of human, in the ordinances. This is because it was important to go with the regional characteristic there and we might be able to achieve the ceremony in the true sense of the term by the burden of the earth and our physical feeling.


Article of schwaebisches tagblatt (German): Bauerwartungsland



ある空き地のための地鎮セレモニー, 2016


 私は現地制作主体のプロジェクトに参加し、ある空地のために儀式を考案した。このプロジェクトは、その空地の所有者であり彫刻家のSabine Fesslerが、町の条例によって土地の活用方法(売却ないし畑としての利用、文化施設や教会の建設など)の選択を迫られたことがきっかけで企画された。
 私は何もないその土地に立ち、すぐさま地鎮祭の必要性を考えた。なぜなら、彼女がどのように決断するにしても、このプロジェクトに関わる全ての人がこの土地の新たな物語のスタートラインに立っていたからである。それから私は、日本の地鎮祭の精神性が本当の意味で理解されるかどうか、また、異国の地で地鎮祭に代わる儀式が一体どのように実現されるのかに興味を持った。そして参加作家や地域住民と共に、キリスト教の行進セレモニーのように「母なる大地 (条例に記された“あるべき所に返される土”の意)」を担いで練り歩き、元の場所に返すことで「空き地のための地鎮祭」を執り行った。

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Vordere Gasse 14 und 16 in Wendelsheim




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