Relational boxing, 2017

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I performed a ritual which was achieved by all participating artists and working staffs of a residency in Izamal, Mexico. What I first sought for through that was a sense of solidarity with them. I was bewildered not only by communication with new persons but also differences of custom, thought or culture. Each had also this problem at the residency, and therefore I tried to see how the rituals are performed and experienced in the true sense in our secular age based on a group activity with which we could overcome the problem.

I discussed the way of realization of the ritual with them, made a heptagonal boxing ring and held a workshop that three of us can box in the ring formed by seven persons. This was because I had gave my attention to the characteristic of martial arts that would be, so to speak, a catalyst which could prompt to build a successful relationship since I made collaborative efforts in the performance 'Kodex Combat' with an acquaintance. At the Relational boxing, there were no rules and the ring was just given to express oneself. And there were no viewers, all who happened to be there were participants who were directly involved with all changes of the fight or the space. As fights would bring not little changes or turning points, I expected that the all changes there paradoxically could attract the fight as the catalyst. Moreover I put special emphasis on what the participants were a part of the singularity or site specificity and they stood in the center of the interaction. In that manner I mentioned about certainty, like time has never stopped and always brought changes, and the reason why we avoid fight at all cost and yet we seek it instinctively.


リレーショナルボクシング, 2017


 その儀式は「七人の参加者がロープで作られたボクシングリングを引っ張り、その中で三人がボクシングをする」というものであった。私は、両手を縛ったボクシングのパフォーマンス《コデックス コンバット》以降、戦う行為そのものが“人間関係の伸縮を促す触媒”になることに注目してきた。リレーショナルボクシングでは、戦いが人間関係に何かしらの変化を与えることを逆説的にとらえ、流動するリングと三人の運動が常にもたらす変化によって、参加者が「目の前の何かと戦わざるをえない状況」を得るという儀式の構造を作ろうとした。私にとって、このレジデンシーで見知らぬ者同士の共同生活にあたり、互いの関係を急速的に変化させる儀式の考案は価値あるものであった。


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exhibition: 'Rezepte für währenddessen und danach', Neuer Kunstverein Kunstlanding

The Relational-boxing Ring (Prototyp II), 2018, haselnuss, pine, beech, spruce, hemp rope, plastic, carbine












Hole, 2017, 50 x 65 cm, inkjet print




Note of 13 May until 6 June 2017 in Izamal, Mexico, 2017 DV 14:58, 4:3, color with sound

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