Relational boxing, 2017

video 6'35"

boxing ring: 550 x 120 x 550 cm


When I participated in a residency program in Izamal, Mexico, I performed a ritualistic performance 'Relational Boxing' based on Maya culture with other invited artists and local people. At the performance, three persons boxed in a heptagonal boxing ring formed by seven persons. After the no-hand-boxing performance ’Code Combat', I had been focusing on what fighting in sports can build a successful relationship among players. Also at the Relational Boxing, I aimed at building the relationship with new persons by an intentional fight.

But this time, I was influenced by dynamics of the spiral which is regarded as a symbol of Maya and its perspective on nature, and developed the role of fight in a different manner from the Code Combat. The main interpretation of this attempt was: the cycle that turning points or changes would be brought by fights and they also could generate a fight is a spiral which means a destructive, inevitable progress. Based on that, I intended to make a structure of a fight that three fighters continuously meet a situation where they have no choice to fight something by their interaction, the transformation of the ring and environmental changes. The ring forming this fight was made to be changed depending on circumstance, and to be able to face not only with others but also phenomenal, natural changes.


リレーショナルボクシング, 2017



ボクシングリング: 550 x 120 x 550 cm


私はメキシコ・Izamalでの滞在制作にて、現地の人々やレジデンシー参加作家とともに地域の特徴であるマヤ文化に基づいた儀式的なパフォーマンスを行った。 それは「七人の参加者がロープで作られたボクシングリングを引っ張り、その中で三人がボクシングをする」というものであった。私は、両手を縛ったボクシングのパフォーマンス《コデックス コンバット》以降、スポーツにおける戦う行為そのものが“人間関係を触媒する行為”であることに注目してきた。リレーショナルボクシングにおいても、見知らぬ者同士の共同生活にあたり、闘うことによって互いの関係を実際的に変化させることを目指した。



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Drawing for Maya's ’Relational Boxing’, 30x42 cm, water color, pastel. 2017






Left: drawing by Deken Kodeak, social hierarchies and mathematical thought of Maya
Right: drawing by Adrian Gomez






Photo by Alejandro Piña Godoy




Relational Boxing Practice at Cantera