I want to be pizza dough in Rome, 2011

performance and photography (variable size)
photo by Shyoyo Jahana

E.g. sushi or comic symbolizes a part of Japanese culture, pizza is thought of a symbol of Italy as well and it can be also said that they are icons for country. I saw such cultures as a matter of cultural formation; in the process where they are formed and develped further, we have overstated the facts slightly to identify them with other culture and accepted them, therefore, their symbolism would have been faceless more and more. Also it is problematically recognized when I am overseas and deliberately behaved in a way to be a typical Japanese. This is just because I am newly aware of the source of my identity and proud of it. But at the same time, I feel somehow miserable and vain that I try to express or show another side of me based on the fixed idea as if I fill someone's expectations. I thought that when I was eating pizza or looking at tourism in gifts shops in Rome, and I could not help but find people, who are fixed on the idea and need it to live, ironic. Then I casually found the saying ”When in Rome, do as the Romans do ” and had the idea of showing their behavior in Rome just as it. Subsequently I performed to be a kind of dough of pizza with two salamis to show our cultural formation in the eye of me.


ローマでピザ生地になりたい, 2011


 そのようなことをローマでピザを食べながら考えていると、いまだに自身がその関係を求めていたことに気づき、そこでたまたま出会ったことわざ「郷に入れば郷に従え (When in Rome, do as the Romans do) 」に、この現状の原因が表されているように感じた。







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