Listening to a myth told by a goat, 2015

Installation with two-channel video projection, framed drawing, beach sandals, concrete, steel pole, staw, plastic objects, salt, water, spaghetti, soil, plywood, vinyl hose, felt, ink-jet printer, paper, p timber, stone, ladder, and grass cutter, dimensions variable

Through previous my works with some different animals and from experience of getting new findings thereby, I have interestedly grappled with making phenomenal works with them that could bring not only accidental happenings.
At my solo exhibition, I tried to create installations with a goat in a gallery. This attempt began with interpreting the meaning of play in a broad way and was based on my interest in an installation work which I make with a goat like clients play the sand play therapy and in whether the sight of the installation is took the measure of beautifulness.
During making the installation, I set up objects in answer to happenings that were caused by the goat, such as branches and leaves of a tree were placed on the point where the goat ejaculated, on the other hand, he moved them and created more opportunities where I can take a decision to put objects. So my acts were been limiting as time proceeds by the goat. At there, I realized that I had subconsciously tried to keep a consistency with my uncomprehending acts by the placement of the shifting situation. Therefore, for me, it was interesting that I could not verbalize the value of the installation, even though the series of phenomenon was controlled by my subjective feeling. Then I thought there was more value of this attempt in the situation where I was sympathizing with the goat in the document video than I would figure out animalism through the completed installation.


山羊に神話を聞く, 2015



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>> Review by Minoru Shimizu 清水穣 on the Art Agenda