Listening to a myth told by a goat, 2015

Installation with two-channel video projection, framed drawing, beach sandals, concrete, steel pole, staw, plastic objects, salt, water, spaghetti, soil, plywood, vinyl hose, felt, ink-jet printer, paper, timber, stone, ladder, and grass cutter
dimensions variable


I tried to create the installation with a goat in a gallery. This attempt was based on my interest in how an installation work, which is unconsciously built through like at sandplay therapy, was aesthetically evaluated.
During making the installation, I set up objects in answer to happenings that were caused by the goat; for instance, branches and leaves were placed on the point where the goat ejaculated. On the other hand, he moved them and thus produced more opportunities to take a decision to put objects. My acts were been limiting so as time proceeds by the interaction between me, the goat and objects.

At the same time, I realized that I gradually understood the principle of building my small world. The placement of the shifting situation presented a process where I consciously identify my unconscious mind.


山羊に神話を聞く, 2015


2チャンネルビデオインスタレーション, ドローイング, ビーチサンダル, コンクリート, スチール棒, 藁, プラスティック, 塩, 水, スパゲッティ, 土, 合板, ビニールホース, フェルト, インクジェットプリンター, 紙, 角材, 石, 梯子, 芝刈り機



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