Group Play, 2017

Group play #1[They have always a single point in common, Be an engine, A tiger with its baby and goats, Copy of mimic] 15 Min, Group play #2 [Koko-Kohl, Long width of a river] 8 Min


During my stay in Palai, Rajisthan, India, I visited two comprehensive elementary and junior high schools to research children’s play. Through that, although I got to know an Indian education philosophy, on the other hand, I realized how difficult the philosophy was achieved in actual society. That represented, for instance, in a play where children mimic and enjoy diversity of their expression, teachers guided them in performing a stereotyoed behavior before that, or in another play where they form a group in accordance with call of numbers, they looked like engaging in leaving someone out of the group. Therefore, when I turned my eyes to the inconsistency of education, those situations made children’s play seem laughable and also caustic.

Thus I became interested in their playings as an enlightening medium which would call our attention to actual social issues, and reconstructed them to show their character more clearly by altering rules and adding new ones.


集団遊び, 2017





1 2





Koko-Kohl / Coco Coyla / コーコーコイラ





Long width of a river / Lambi teer / 広い川幅






Drawing 30x42cm, pencil - See the big image