Ecdysis, 2013

110x200x24cm, wood glue, bett, hair, DVD player, monitor
installation and video 06'42"


I smeared my body with the wood glue and tried to embody a concept of ecdysis like of snake or cicada. The trigger for this attempt was that I had felt their empty shell as a trace that presented an essential, biological expression. In terms of human expression, I therefore believe their biological growth mightn’t remind of a progress to the death, but rather “how do we resist the death”. For this reason, expression of all creatures intended to growth, particularly ecdysis have been attracting me, and I tried to see if I could actually grow up through my ecdysis and perform an inevitable expression like them.


脱皮, 2013






..was machen wir morgen?, Galerie am Kocher + Frisör Kahl, Künzelsau. 2013











In order to get foods or drinks, I hanged a water pot in which there was money with a card boad with my faver written on it:
" I'm now performing Ecdysis so can't go out side. That's why I want your help. Please buy Lahmacun or potatoes or cola for me."






Presse -Deutsch (PDF)
KünzelsauerNachrichten_UndWasMachenWirMorgen (PDF)
HohenloherTagblatt_MutFürMorgenMachen (PDF)
HohenloherTagblatt_DieZukunftFestImBlick (PDF)
RegioBusiness_ZukunftGestalten (PDF)