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Inverted Mountains






I suddenly recalled my father's back. It had extreme curvature, with protruding bones on the emaciated frame, creating a bizarre spectacle where fragility and greatness intertwined. The man who had a deep admiration for mountains, to the extent of naming me "Gaku" (meaning mountain), seemed to have fulfilled his longing, becoming a part of the mountain range just before death.
It might have been an indication of finally digesting the death of a few years ago, and I remember feeling excited, sensing a change that allowed me to feel a mood where a genuine mourning could be expressed. While searching for a way to appreciate the passage of time in mourning, I arrived at the act of 'descending the mountain.'"




[1] «キールボート-下-», 写真, サイズ可変, [2] «キールボート-上-», 写真, サイズ可変, [3]-[6] «生まれてから生まれる前まで一方通行#1-#4», 砂時計, [7]-[11] キャプチャ画像, «石と浮流する», 映像5分00秒, 2023


[1] «Keelboat-downside», photography, variable size, [2] «Keel boat-upside-», photography, variable size, [3]-[6] «A one-way street from birth to before birth #1-#4», sandhour, [7]-[11] Captured images from video «Drifting along with the stones», video 5'00", 2023





© 2011- Gaku Nakano