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Musical Chairs



《椅子取りゲーム》は、椅子が“Foreign Object”(試合中に使用される凶器の総称)の記号的な存在であることや、その遊びが世界中で親しまれていることから着想を得た。私はこのルチャ・リブレ版の椅子取りゲームを通して、現代の日常とその格闘の世界が並行して存在する必要性に触れた。



While Mexican professional wrestling "Lucha Libre" had won popularity from the citizens, Mexican revolution occurred and armed conflicts between the left wing and the government had been intensifying and spreading in the whole of Mexico. And today, it has developed independently from the professional wrestling in the U.S. or Japan. So it can be considered that the social situations of those days might be one of factors which spurred its development and demand for such theatrical fights.


In the world of the professional wrestling, every fact can be defined as the theatricality to be able to enjoy the violent match. Thus nobody needs to distinguish whether happenings there are true or not. By virtue of those mechanisms of fiction, it seems that their fighting assumes the role of not only an entertainment/a sport or recreation of necessary evil against violence in the actual society, but also of an existence which questions us values of the times or human relation of the same period.


I got inspiration for the Musical Chairs with wrestlers from using chairs as a weapon called "foreign object" in a professional wresting term and from the wide recognition of the play. Through its playability based on the professional wrestling, the mechanisms of fiction will be more emphasized and they refer to the relation between our daily life and the world of theatrical fight.




[1]-[5]ドキュメント, [6]-[10]キャプチャ画像, 映像7分46秒, メキシコシティ


[1]-[5]Document, [6]-[10]Captured imaged from video, 7'46", Mexico City



60 x 42 cm, inkjet print on paper



43 x 97 cm, metal folding chair, "Relational Dialogue" at Token Art Center




© 2011- Gaku Nakano