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The Sustainable Street






At the market place of Tuttlingen, Germany, I installed a bronze sculpture which was a copy of a part of old repaired pavements as a monument of daily life. The trigger of the idea was the city's improvement works of pedestrian walkways.
This town had suffered a loss due to fire about 200 years ago, and large-scale land rearrangement was implemented after that. During the art project, pavements at main pedestrian walkways were been renewing again.
Although it was reasonable that the renewing was needed to live comfortably, I regretted that traces of the past of the town would unnecessarily fade from their awareness because the old pavements seemed to be still in an enable state. Then I had thought we should find comfort in keeping the status quo in the same manner as improving convenience.
Then I tried to give my sculpture a practical utility that it would be a monument symbolized everydayness and also be used as a part of new pavement. So I emphasized the meaning that vestige continue to stay on-site just as an exception.






The sustained street

Catalogue of Square Dance, 2017





The sustained street_maren

© Maren Frey




The sustained street_pdf

Plan after the realization of installing the sculpture onto the new stone pavement






25.6.2017. schwäbische - Nur die Sonne spielt nicht mit

20.6.2017. schwäbische - Tuttlinger Innenstadt wird zur Galerie

9.6.2017. schwäbische - Die Quadratur der Stadt wird aufgebrochen




[1]-[3] 42 x 51 cm, ブロンズ, [4] 1803年以前のTuttlingen市の地図 (
[5] 旧再開発プラン (赤丸は市場), [6] 1804年以降の再開発後のTuttlingen市の地図 (, [7] 自身のプロジェクト開始前の市場 (2017)


[1]-[3] 42 x 51 cm, Bronze, [4] City map of Tuttlingen before 1803 (, [5] Part of a redevelopment district plan (the red circle shows the location of the market place), [6] After the city redevelopment project 1804 (, [7] Before the start of my project at the market place, Feb. 6, 2017 (2017)




© 2011- Gaku Nakano