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Relational boxing






During my residency in Izamal, Mexico, I devised group boxing sessions with fellow residents, based on the Maya cultural symbol of the "spiral," which remains significant in the region, to develop the concept of "combat as dialogue." This practice Relational Boxing involved ten participants in total: seven individuals supporting the ring by pulling ropes and three engaging in boxing within the ring. Whether they fought or not was entirely up to them, with all participants aiming to create a space for "confrontation with others and nature, and embodiment of will."
The key to enabling this was the belief that everyone in the space would be involved in combat, influenced by the shape of the ring created by their movements or the changing situations within the ring. The driving force behind these changes was the creation of moments that were never exactly the same, fostering unique connections among the participants. Furthermore, the series of movements revolved around the three-person fight, following the "spiral" to "circulate in one direction." Thus, the ring served as a space for their interaction, based on the interpretation of building (positive) relationships quickly and facilitating self-expression within a short period of time.




[1] 中野岳 «マヤのリレーショナルボクシング», [2] Deken Kodeak «マヤの数学と階級»ドローイング, [3] Adrian Gomezによるリレーショナルボクシングのためのドローイング, [4]-[5] 写真, サイズ可変, [6]- [20] キャプチャ画像, 映像5分43秒, イサマル, メキシコ, 2018
[21]-[23] The Relational-boxing Ring (Prototyp II), 2018,'Rezepte für währenddessen und danach', Neuer Kunstverein Kunstlanding, ドイツ


[1] drawing for Maya's ’Relational Boxing’, 30x42 cm, by Gaku Nakano, [2] drawing by Deken Kodeak, "social hierarchies and mathematical thought of Maya", [3] drawing by Adrian Gomez, [4]-[5] photography, variable size, [6]- [20] captured images from video 5'43", Izamal, Mexico, 2018
[21]-[23] The Relational-boxing Ring (Prototyp II), 2018,'Rezepte für währenddessen und danach', Neuer Kunstverein Kunstlanding, Germany

Notes of 13 May until June 6, 2017




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