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プレイジャム / ライブレコーディング
Play Jam / Live Recording



このパフォーマンスはStuttgarter Filmwinterという映像祭の一環で行われた。私たちは映像祭のコンセプトであった「嘘への勇気」に基づき、「パフォーマンスに付随する記録映像の嘘」に言及した。



This attempt was made as a part of a film festival Stuttgarter Filmwinter. We referenced the festival's concept of 'The Courage to Lie' and focused on the "lies of the recorded footage accompanying the performance
During the performance, we positioned cameras towards the audience, allowing them to observe their own actions and behaviors being recorded on monitors. Through approaches to the installed footage (interaction with the audience through monitors, camera angle adjustments, and monitoring the displayed area), we blurred the lines between the audience and performers. By emphasizing the manipulation of actions through camera framing, we highlighted the value of unrecorded events in addressing phenomenology and sensory experience within the performance.




[1]-[6] Viviana Gulliとの共同パフォーマンス
[7] 記録映像 13分32秒, [8]-[10] 練習, 2017


[1]-[6] performance with Viviana Gulli
[7] documentary video 13'32", [8]-[10] practice, 2017




live aufnahme poster




© 2011- Gaku Nakano