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Brown is one that has no color






I was in the midst of renovating an old building, painting the worn-out wooden floors with a brown hue. As I immersed myself in the task, the sense of "naturalness" that I sought in the brown color began to dissipate. However, as I observed the discarded wooden furniture littered daily in the district filled with public housing, the discomfort with such a color faded away once again. This was because the casually discarded debris lost its need for that specific color, blending into the landscape of similar shades and reclaiming its naturalness. It seemed as though, much like how objects decay and turn brown, human thoughts and emotions evolve over time, symbolized by that color. Throughout the city, scenes where the "intended naturalness" of people coincided with the "unintended unnaturalness" resulting from their pursuits, were fatefully highlighted by the color brown as time passed.




キャプチャ画像, 映像6分30秒, 2017


Captured image, video 6'30", 2017




© 2011- Gaku Nakano