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Brown is one that has no color






I had renovated an old building in NYC and mainly painted damaged floors in brown. In doing so, I got the feeling that the hue of my brown colors were changing: the brown which effects an impression of nature seemed unnatural to me. However, after adjusting myself to the situation where many brown wooden furnitures were thrown on the residential streets almost every day, the color appeared to be natural again. It was because their color had lost the original meaning and then fitted in the bark streetscape. Namely, like browning, the situation naturally represented also the change (corruption) of human thoughts or feelings. In the streets, other “intentional nature” and “unintentional contrivance” had been blended with the passage of time and fatefully became congruent with each other.




キャプチャ画像, 映像6分30秒, 2017


Captured image, video 6'30", 2017




© 2011- Gaku Nakano