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Jichin-Groundbreaking Ceremony



この試みは「Bauerwatungsland (建設予定地)」という滞在制作のプロジェクトで実現された。私を含む十名の作家は、空き地の一角にてひと月に亘る制作期間を経て、その場所や周辺の特色に因んだ作品を発表した。私はその宅地に挟まれた更地を前にして、地鎮祭のような始まりの儀式の必要を感じた。西欧でも建築現場では様々な儀式が行われており、地鎮祭がどのように理解されるか、またそれはどのような方法で達成されるのか興味を持ったことから、「ドイツ版地鎮祭」を計画した。
私は、土地利用に関する条例に記された"Mutter Erde (母なる大地)"を守るために在来土の移動を制限する項目から、地鎮祭における自然への眼差しとの共通性を見出し、地域住民らと共にそれを担いで町を練り歩き、元の場所に返すという方法で地鎮祭を行なった。



This work was realized through a residency project called "Bauerwatungsland" (Construction Site) , where ten artists, including myself, spent a month creating works inspired by the characteristics of the site and its surroundings, and which was organized by an artist Sabine Fessler. Faced with the vacant land nestled between residential areas, I felt the need for a ritualistic ceremony akin to Jichin-sai (Japanese groundbreaking ceremony). In Western Europe, various ceremonies are conducted at construction sites, and I was intrigued by how the Japanese way of the groundbreaking ceremony is understood and achieved. Thus, I planned a "German version of Jichin-sai."
I discovered a commonality between the perspective towards nature in the groundbreaking ceremony and the restriction on the movement of native soil outlined in the regulations concerning land use, which is aimed at protecting "Mutter Erde" (Mother Earth). Together with local residents, we conducted the groundbreaking ceremony by marching through the town, carrying the soil, and returning it to its original location, thus honoring the earth and its significance in the community.




W350 x H80 x D135 cm, 木, 土, 布, スポンジ
インスタレーション, パフォーマンス
Rottenburg, Wendelsheim, ドイツ


W350 x H80 x D135 cm, wood, soil, cloth, sponge
Installation and performance
Rottenburg, Wendelsheim, Germany



Richtfest performance

Press: Sep.19.2016 on Schwaebisches Tagblatt






© 2011- Gaku Nakano