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プレイジャム / あたなが作る距離
Play Jam / Distance You Make






We conducted an experiment to create a system for improvisational performance by restricting actions with rules. Following rules such as "no talking," "no eye contact with others," and "run away but must chase," we played a game similar to tag in the gallery. To find each other, we engaged in actions that constantly took into account the relationship between the space, the other players, and ourselves. For instance, we followed the gaze of the audience, placed objects in the movement path to guide others, or made sounds to indicate our position, repeating these actions throughout the game.




[1]-[5] 15分間のViviana Gulliとの共同パフォーマンス, Hospitalhof Stuttgart, 2016
[6]-[10] 練習


[1]-[5] 15 minutes performance with Viviana Gulli, Hospitalhof Stuttgart, 2016
[6]-[10] Practice




© 2011- Gaku Nakano