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Hear the bottom noise






A house which was scheduled to be used as an exhibition site was slated for demolition because of decrepitude. To check the actual condition, I first broke down interior walls of the house. Then it was revealed that posts and bedding of the house were almost decayed and it had barely stood with the help of its outside walls made of concrete. From that situation I got inspiration for this work; decided to try to listen to the last massage of the house, because I might be the last person that was allowed to involve the final moment of it.
For that, I built a structure of much the same state as the house. Then I tied my arms and legs to its posts with ropes and maintained a precarious balance on the structure. Basically, I thought I could perceive subtle changes by all my senses sharpened by the situation where I could share the fears of the collapse that threatened the house.




Exhibition: The 'Bagic'(PDF)




[1]-[4] 183 x 120 x 90 cm, 石膏ボード, アクリル円柱, ロープ
インスタレーション, 映像11分16秒, 3分27秒, 2014
[5]- [7] プロジェクトの着手前


[1]- [4] 183 x 120 X 90 cm, wood, acrylic, plaster board, rope
Video 11'16", 3'27", 2014
[5]- [7] Before my project started





© 2011- Gaku Nakano