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Hear the bottom noise






I had the opportunity to use a house slated for demolition for my art project. I started by stripping the inner walls to assess the house's condition. It became apparent that the pillars at the four corners were corroded, and only the concrete outer walls and a metal spiral staircase leading to the second floor supported the entire structure.
The sound of rotting wood chips falling as I struck the pillars and the violent shaking of the entire building when a truck passed in front of it filled me with a fear I rarely experienced. Yet, simultaneously, this fear heightened my senses, and I hoped to perceive something before the final, crucial moment arrived.
To that end, before the house was demolished, I installed an unstable structure resembling the condition of the pillars at the house's center. I then secured myself and my limbs to the structure with ropes, attempting to maintain balance and engaging in dialogue for several hours until the structure fell.




Exhibition: The 'Bagic'(PDF)




[1]-[4] 183 x 120 x 90 cm, 石膏ボード, アクリル円柱, ロープ
インスタレーション, 映像11分16秒, 3分27秒, 2014
[5]- [7] プロジェクトの着手前


[1]- [4] 183 x 120 X 90 cm, wood, acrylic, plaster board, rope
Video 11'16", 3'27", 2014
[5]- [7] Before my project started





© 2011- Gaku Nakano