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Study of Sausage



さらに、テーブルサッカーでソーセージを転がす《Wurst Kicker》、 頭にソーセージを乗せて歩く《Waking Wurst》、オクトーバーフェストやフォルクスフェスト(ドイツ各都市のビール祭り)を舞台にしたコンピューターゲーム《ソーセージをつかめ!for Windows》を制作した。



The origins of sports can sometimes be traced back to rituals, festivals, or chance occurrences that reflect the local culture. Inspired by this idea, I imagined the "seeds" of sports that never sprouted due to some twist of fate and explored the concept of "sports that might have been born" from the cultural context of Germany, where I was staying. Leveraging the typical image of sausages as a symbol of Germany, I embarked on a fictional journey, practicing exaggerated interpretations and expressions to imagine the imaginary process through which these sports grew.
Furthermore, I created several projects, including "Wurst Kicker," where sausages are rolled in table football, "Waking Wurst," where sausages are balanced on the head while walking, and a computer game called "Catch the Sausage! for Windows," set in Oktoberfest and Folksfest (beer festivals in various German cities).




[1]-[3] キャプチャ画像, 映像4分59秒, [4] Walking Wurst, 2014, [5] Wurst kicker, 2014
[6] インスタレーション, 150 x 50 x 50 cm, テープ, 布, [7] Photo by Ito Testuo


[1]-[3] Captured images from video 4'59", [4] Walking Wurst, 2014, [5] Wurst kicker, 2014
[6] Installation, 150 x 50 x 50 cm, tape, fabric, [7] Photo by Ito Testuo




© 2011- Gaku Nakano