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I want to be pizza dough then






When we think of Japan, we may associate it with sushi, and similarly, when we think of Italy, we might think of pizza. This associative game of pairing different aspects with the image of each country is common. In each instance of such reflexes, one experiences the internal conflict of adhering to fixed perspectives knowingly.
The initially vague identity, in the process of articulating it with clear words, undergoes a reconstruction where lies, in a sense, are not lies but truths, approaching concepts. Through this, the societal inclination to recognize unique cultures is revealed as a form of communication. I reflected on how this societal nature, seeking to understand distinctive cultures, restricts communication through the somewhat casual inspirations in my own art creation process.




パフォーマンス, 写真, ローマ


performance, photography, Rome




© 2011- Gaku Nakano